Bhadipa celebrates 7 years with Exclusive Merchandise Launch


Are you ready to dive into the world of laughter, creativity, and stylish expressions? Bhadipa, the beloved Marathi YouTube channel, is celebrating an incredible 7-year journey, and they’re doing it in style! Get ready to mark this milestone with some trendy and meaningful merchandise that reflects your unique personality.

Amcha Aahe – Celebrating Love: For all you lovebirds out there, Bhadipa’s couple edition t-shirt is the perfect way to showcase your affection. With the adorable tagline “Amcha Aahe” translating to “He is mine” and “She is mine,” this tee celebrates the power of love and unity. Wear it proudly and spread the love vibes!

Mani Mau – For the Cat Enthusiasts: Calling all cat lovers! The “Mani Mau” t-shirt with its trendy backprint is all about celebrating the special bond between humans and their furry companions. Show the world that your pets are family too, and wear this tee with pride.

Nista Wanderlust – Embrace Your Inner Traveler: Are you an avid traveller always seeking new adventures? The “Nista Wanderlust” t-shirt is just what you need! This design captures the essence of wanderlust and curiosity for exploring new horizons. Wear it as a reminder to keep exploring and never stop seeking new experiences.

Mi Daaru, Mi Desi – Unite the Party Animals: Party animals and fun-loving friends, this one’s for you! The “Mi Daaru, Mi Desi” couple edition t-shirt celebrates the best of both worlds. Embrace your love for living life to the fullest while cherishing your desi roots. Let’s party in style!

Vishay Khol – Unleash Your Inquisitive Mind: Are you a deep thinker who craves unbiased, politically neutral information? The “Vishay Khol” t-shirt is tailor-made for you! Wear it proudly as a badge of your inquisitive nature and thirst for knowledge.

But wait, there’s more! Bhadipa has got you covered with a diverse range of products that scream Gen-Z and millennial style. 

Bhaji Chi Pishvi Tote Bag – Make a Quirky Statement: Tote bags aren’t just for veggies and groceries anymore! Bhadipa’s “Hi Bhaji Chi Pishvi Nahiye” tote bag is here to challenge that perception. Carry it with sass and show the world your unique style!

Ready to amp up your wardrobe and lifestyle? Head over to Bhadipa’s online store at now, and grab your favourite pieces. 

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