Sai Tamhankar’s “Madame S” : A Fusion of Sass and Sentiment


In an era where celebrities, content creators, and influencers are launching their own brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level, Sai Tamhankar, an Indian actress celebrated for her work in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam films and television, has made her mark. Known for her memorable roles, including her Bollywood debut in Subhash Ghai’s crime thriller Black & White (2008) and her performance in Ghajini alongside Aamir Khan, Sai Tamhankar has now ventured into the world of merchandise with her brand, Madame S in collaboration with MerchGarage.

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Introducing her brand Madame S, it perfectly captures and celebrates her unique personality.The official merch collection includes designs like “Moving On,” “Ghya Bhadang,” “Chala,” “Advel te Budget,” and “Deshi Hotness.” The range features oversized t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags, each design carrying a fun and meaningful story.

When asked about the inspiration behind creating her own merchandise line, Sai enthusiastically shared, “You guys, absolutely! I had no plans and we got in touch and the rest is history. The purpose is to reach my fans and to say things that I normally don’t get to say, or which sort of describes my personality.

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But why the name Madame S? Sai explained, “Madame S, that’s my personality and it’s a name given by my colleague and a friend”. We totally agree with it as it is premium, classy, reflecting her sassitude.

Desi Hotness Oversized tshirts

Among the intriguing designs, “Ghya Bhadang” stands out. Curious about its origin, we asked Sai for the backstory. She recounted, “The day you guys received Badshah’s call that I want to launch merch, then what would you guys have said ‘Ghya Bhadang, Badshah cha phone ala,’ it’s like that. It’s a celebratory term and is used when you have reason to celebrate.” She added that it’s a phrase often used by her brother, and she is thankful to him for allowing her to use it. This heartfelt anecdote made the design even more endearing.

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Creating a merchandise line involves a lot of process involving many steps. Sai shared that the most exciting part of the process was the “photoshoot”.  Do check it out, now live on their online store

When asked what she hopes her fans will feel when they use or wear her merchandise, Sai expressed, “I want them to feel a lot of warmth, I want them to create a lot of memories wearing this merch. Clothes play a huge part in my life in defining who I am. I think I talk to my clothes and they talk back to me. So, I want my fans to feel the same when they wear the merch.”

Her message to fans? “Shop till you drop!”

With Madame S, Sai Tamhankar has not just launched a brand but has shared a piece of her personality, her warmth, and her unique stories with her fans. The collection is more than just merchandise; it’s a celebration of her journey and the bond she shares with her audience and we are grateful to bring her vision into reality.

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